Let’s be honest, no one ever LIKES to DNF (the abbreviation for “Did Not Finish”) because most readers don’t like to leave a book unfinished regardless if they were enjoying it or not or those who are more patient (much more than I am) and holds on hope that maybe it’ll get better. I’m in the first group because despite how bored I am, I have to know how a book ends. However, I do have a few DNF books that I just couldn’t power through.

1 . The Siren by Kiera Cass


Not to be mean, but I stopped reading this because I could literally feel myself losing brain cells with this book. The main character is at least decades older than she looks, but talks and acts like she’s a teenager. The Ocean also ANNOYED ME SO MUCH! How can I even say that you ask? Because it talked! Which would’ve been fine if it was done well, but it was so sloppy… I’m not a huge fan of The Selection Series by the same author, but at least it was enjoyable and fun enough to get through (I read all the original books plus the two new ones), but I couldn’t force myself to read this and it’s only 300 pages long. I think that this was first self-published before Kiera Cass was signed for The Selection , so I don’t think they even edited this before publishing it.


2. Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy 


If you read my review of Jennifer Niven’s Holding Up the Universe, You know how I feel about writing books about “fat” characters with the main plot being centered around their “fatness”. I’m a bigger girl myself and so representation is important to me. With that being said, however, this isn’t what I want. Your character HAS to be more than just their body weight. I don’t want to read a 400 page novel that is constantly talking about larger people in such a negative way. I get that this book is supposed to be about a girl who learns to except herself by entering a beauty pageant, but I’m not going to finish to find out.

(The only book I’ve read with this trope that I enjoyed and recommend was Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne)


3. Zodiac by Romina Russell


Cliche. Cliche. Cliche. The main character is an annoying super special snowflake. Two bland love interests (a best friend and a bad boy OF COURSE). Super Snowflake MC has Super Special ability that makes her SUPER SPECIAL! I was drawn to this book because the cover is pretty and I’m obsessed with the Chinese Zodiac. I’m also a Cancer so the fact that it revolved around that really intrigued me, but I was not impressed by any of it. Unlike the first two, I already unhauled this book so there’s no chance of my ever finishing it.

4. Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman


I think that out of every book on this list, this is the one I got through the most of (which was about 200 pages… maybe). Nothing happens really and everything that did was predictable and cliche. I wanted to enjoy this one so much. The cover is beautiful and it’s supposed to be a historical fiction novel with a magical twist. I couldn’t do it. The writing is horrible and I usually don’t base books off of writing because I’m more worried about having an interesting story to read than how many commas someone uses in a sentence. This is an exception. It was so dull and straight forward. It left nothing to the reader’s imagination and it felt like Eleanor Herman thought I was too stupid to figure it out on my own. Anyways, this is the only one on my list that I had debated back and forth on whether or not to officially DNF it, but a review from a friend convinced me that it’s better left on the shelf.


5. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas 


Shocking? If you follow me on Tumblr, it probably is because I talk a LOT of crap about this book and yet I never even finished it nor did I make it past chapter 9. I used to love the Throne of Glass series and if you had asked me before August of 2015, I might have told you that it was my favorite currently running series. That ship had long sailed. I cheated with this one because I never actually opened a hard copy of this book or paid for it or got it from the library. I read the first three chapters of the book that were released prior to the publication date and I read a few extra from Amazon’s “look-inside” feature. There’s a line in one of the chapters that made me exit the tab and never go back.


So those are the books I have officially DNF’d! Comment down below what books are on your DNF list and why? I’m so curious to see if anyone felt the same way about these particular books as well!


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