Hi y’all! So, if you’re anything like me, you really hate to not finish series even if the first books are terrible, but sometimes, it just can’t be helped. Some of the series on this list are here solely because I have no motivation to read the other books, some because the series kept going downhill with each book, and others because I disliked the first book anyways. In order from “I might give it a try” to “I wouldn’t spit on it if it were on fire”:


1. Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman:

I was originally attracted to this book because I’m a huge fan of historical fiction with a magical twist, but when I finally did pick this up, I ended up DNF about 20% in. I don’t like the writing style and usually by time I get to the point I got to, I at least like one of the characters, but I didn’t like any of them. However, a part of me feels like I didn’t give this book enough time to attract me because so many people like it, so I might end up finishing this book/ continuing on with this series in the future.


2. The Inventors Secret by Andrea Cremer:

I’m actually really sad about this one because I enjoyed The Inventors Secret when I read it way back when it first came out, but by time it’s sequel was released (with a drastic cover change) I had zero interest in it. I did buy the book and try to read it, but I was disconnected with the plot and characters that i wasn’t enjoying it at all and I wasn’t going to reread the first one so… Also, I realize now after having read MANY book since reading this that it’s very tropey and predictable. I think I could convince myself to finish the sequel at least because it’s on my shelf, but honestly? I just don’t want to.


3. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvator:

I liked The Raven Boys… I did or at least I keep telling myself that. This series is a favorite among so many of my friends that I feel like I have read the whole series without actually having read the series and so that’s one reason why I don’t think i’ll ever finish the series. Another reason and really the best reason I can give you is that immediately after finishing this book, I forgot 99% of what happened. (I remember a pig?? Did they call Gansey’s car this?? IDK…) The worst thing about DNF this series though is that I own all the books.


4. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard:

Yeah… no. I hated this book and I will never pick up the rest of the series. I don’t like any of the characters, the plot is a copy of literally every YA novel to ever be published (it’s honestly almost like the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo except with bad writing and an annoying Mc). This book is horrible, but it’s not the only reason I won’t read this series. I really dislike the author and will not be reading anything else she publishes.


5. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare:

I started this book when the movie was about to come out and it had skyrocketed in fame and I really wish I’d have just left it at the bookstore. The writing is awful, the characters annoying, there’s just generally so much that is wrong with this book that I don’t understand how it’s gotten as big as it has. I thought all this before I knew what kind of person Cassandra Clare and just… no. If you’re able to separate the art from the artist, I applaud you, but sadly (or really not that sadly because I didn’t like this book anyways) I can’t so I will never read anything by CC.


6. Throne of Glass/ A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas:

I LOVED Throne of Glass and it’s sequel Crown of Midnight. I thought the third one, Heir of Fire, was okay… then Queen of Shadows came out and the series plummeted to one of my favorite series of all time to the worst series I have ever read. Queen of Shadows romanticizes abuse, all the characters I had previously loved turned completely out of character, the plot is a MESS. Only after this happened did I see just how bad these books are (even go back to Throne of Glass).

Now, I didn’t like A Court of Thorns and Roses back when I first read it. The characters annoyed me, the plot was slow, the two halves of the book felts like two completely different books. The Fae culture in both of these books is toxic and shouldn’t be accepted. So many people like the sequel and i’m for a while I was almost tempted to read it (I actually got it from the library and read a few chapters, but couldn’t bring myself to read any more than that. I know I said this with the previous two, but I honestly will never read anything written by this author. Ever again.





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